Industry Sectors

Graphics Monkey would love to work with you whatever industry your company or organisation is in, (well, within reason – we don’t have much call for our brand of graphic design from the Tyrannical Despot, Internet Troll or Tax Inspector industries…)

However, we do have certain industries where we believe our strengths lie and these make up the majority of Graphics Monkey’s design portfolio. If your company is looking for graphic design and is in one of these sectors – hoorah! Look no Further!

Please see the links below to view some examples of lovely designery goodness for clients within your industry.


The Arts and Creative Industries

Graphics Monkey has created beautiful and effective design work for organisations within the creative sector


Design for the Tech Industry

Graphics Monkey has created innovative and beautiful design for Tech brands and start-ups


Media and Comms Industries

Visual communications for companies within the Media and Communications industries

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