Cookies Policy

Mmm we love cookies. Double chocolate chip or raspberry and white chocolate - delicious!

We're not on about those types of cookies though unfortunately. We are talking about the small text file type cookies that a website places on your computer.

Why do we use cookies?

The Graphics Monkey website only uses cookies to monitor web traffic and user behaviour anonymously through Google Analytics

We only use 3 cookies on our site:

_ga - persistent cookie

_gat - session cookie

_gid - session cookie

What this means

A persistent cookie will be stored by a web browser until a set expiry date or until the user deletes it from their browser cache. A session cookie on the other hand is only stored until the web session finishes, when the user closes the browser window.

Opting out

You can select to not receive any cookies from any website in the preferences of your browser, this may effect the performance or functionality of certain websites.

Updates to this policy

We do reserve the rights to change the cookies on our site. We will of course update this policy accordingly.