Brochure design
May 2018

Fulham Reach Boat Club brochure design

Investor brochure design for Fulham Reach Boat Club to help support their mission to run rowing courses for every school pupil over 14 in Hammersmith & Fulham


Fulham Reach Boat Club's mission is to unlock the potential of young people through rowing. The client needed a brochure to attract investors to be able to offer rowing courses to every school pupil over 14 in the surrounding boroughs.


Working closely with the rowing club, Graphics Monkey designed a brochure highlighting the benefits the club offers around the theme of unlocking the potential of young people through rowing. The brochure featured beautiful photography of young people enjoying being on the water, working as a team and testimonials about how much the courses have improved the confidence and ability of the students.


The final brochure has been extremely well received by the client, we will keep you posted to the impact it has for the club!

Fast, friendly and professional.  What more do you need!

Steve O'Connor, Fulham Reach Boat Club

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