January 2016

Monkey Puzzle Coffee brand identity

Helping craft coffee start-up Monkey Puzzle Coffee with the creation of their brand and to stand out from the pack


Graphics Monkey was approached to create the brand from the ground up, the idea behind the brand was to take their excellent coffee (and espresso martinis...) on the road, with the target audience being image conscious and knowledgable festival goers.


The solution involved the creation of a logo and branding system that was fun and that raised a smile when you 'got' it. The hidden espresso cup in the negative space and the tail of the monkey forming the shape of a question mark. The logo was also designed to be responsive, being used on a wide variety of applications including coffee cups, aprons and the side of their coffee truck.


The brand has been taken on the road to many festivals and events over the summer months, achieving great stand-out for the client in a crowded market.

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